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The Greatest Threat to Success is Not Failure But Boredom

The greatest threat to success is not failure but boredom. We get bored with habits because they stop delighting us. The outcome becomes expected. And as our habits become ordinary, we start derailing our progress to seek novelty. Perhaps this is why we get caught up in a never-ending cycle,...

Cash is a Position

If you’re worried, scared, uncertain, unhappy, on tilt — or all of the above, depending on the hour — it’s ok to do nothing. Cash is a position. Cash is comfort. Cash is control. Cash is Safety. It can be very tempting to go in and try to sell all...

When Everything is Breaking News, Nothing is Important.

In the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic, history will not (should not!) be kind to news media. And a wholesale inventory needs to be made about the role news media should play, and how it's currently corrupted. I'll start with the Good News and kudos: News media -- all outlets...