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Why A.I.?

At Trade Ideas, we've been honored over the years to win several awards for our innovative approach to actionable market analytics for active stock traders, and we've been increasingly recognized for achievements in delivering Artificial Intelligence to retail and professional market participants. Of course, to make sure we are given...

Calendar Spreads Offer Three Ways to Win in this Current Environment

Sticking with a theme we’ve been discussing with All Star Options subscribers for the past month or so, we expect to continue keeping things simple around here until the market tells us it’s time to change. One way we’ve been keeping things simple is to be buyers of straight long call...

HOLLY Hot List Update: A Story of Rotation

It's no secret that even as the S&P 500 was printing new all-time highs last week, many leading stocks had already begun retracements from their highs. In no place has that been clearer than in our HOLLY Hot List where we've shed 16 names since early September -- the most...