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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence For Swing Trading Outperformance

Much has been written and celebrated in the press about the combination of Man + Machine to outperform the markets. And no software application has done it better than HOLLY, the artificially intelligent virtual trading assistant designed by the team at Trade Ideas, LLC and launched for public access in...

Options Volatility Says Keep it Simple Here

Stocks are still near all-time highs, volatilities are once again compressed, earnings season is behind us, and some bullish runs in individual names are looking extended. Coming out of Labor Day Weekend, the game plan should be to keep it simple until things change. I'm often asked how I choose...

Sept 5: HOLLY Hot List Update For Swing Traders

SMACK! Summer is over. Let's get back to trading reality. Happy Autumn! Interestingly, I'm starting to notice some smart people talking about some bearish signs that are beginning to appear. This type of commentary often returns with Traders coming back from summer vacation, and I expect this September to be...