Seek Relentless Optimism

September 20, 2017

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have built up a personal network of extremely talented, helpful, and considerate fellow Traders and fintech professionals — both in real life and online (not real life?).

One such individual is Darrin Donnelly, known by many of you as @DarvasTrader on twitter. Darrin recently released the third title in his “Sports for the Soul” series of books, and forgive the pun, it’s a walk-off home run.

In a crowded field of self-help authors and online gurus, Darrin stands apart as a story teller using the backdrop of sports to drive home powerful and timeless lessons to keep you focused on being the best YOU you can be.

Though I know Darrin from the trading world, these books are not about trading. However, Darrin’s trader sensibility comes through in ways that other Traders can and will relate to. And the struggles and hurdles that are overcome in these gripping stories will be instantly translatable to a trading audience.

The latest, Relentless Optimism, drives home the importance of channeling your focus to the positive side of things, using a career minor league baseball player’s struggle to make it the Big Leagues as the narrative instrument.

Darrin’s books always seem to arrive on my doorstep precisely when I need them most. It’s almost as if he’s writing them just for me (he’s not). And when this latest title arrived a couple months ago, it was exactly what I needed. I cannot recommend his books enough. Please pick yourself up a copy — easily found on Amazon.

All of the above is a long-winded segue into my current optimism about the state of my future trading. As you may know by now, I recently joined the team at Trade Ideas, who is embarked on the righteous mission of empowering retail Traders with Artificial Intelligence — your virtual portfolio advisor named Holly—to compete against the Pros and crush traditional market performance benchmarks.

New beta versions of the software are now displaying past Holly entry signals on daily charts going back several months. What we are seeing is truly astonishing. Day after day I seem to find another stock that Holly triggered an entry in that if one applied a basic trend following trade management algo to, they would have seen 50–100–150% gains, often in as little as 8 weeks of trading. It certainly continues to command more of my attention every day.

This has inspired me to spend some time thinking about ways I can build a portfolio strategy powered by Holly, and share it with you, dear reader, in a way that will generate some real optimism for you and your financial future as well. I’ll be working with my team at Trade Ideas to brainstorm the most effective ways to communicate Holly’s power and potential in a way that both inspires and educates. And through this vehicle, I’ll likely be able to offer some mentorship and guidance to those being awakened to the possibilities unleashed when combining man and machine. Stay tuned.

Yours humbly,

Sean McLaughlin


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