Introducing: The BTFD Pro Alert powered by Trade Ideas

October 5, 2017

It’s no secret to active stock market participants that the best trade since 2009 is the BTFD trade.

In case you moved to North Korea in 2008 to avoid bill collectors on your busted sub-prime loan portfolio and have therefore lost all contact with Western social finance circles, “BTFD” stands for “Buy the F-ing Dip.” And if you stood ready to purchase a broad basket of stocks every time the S&P 500 dipped 2% from highs since 2009, its fair to say you’ve earned Dennis Rodman Money (circa 1995–98) and you’ll be able to hang with Dennis on his next trip to visit his North Korean man-crush Little Kim.

Don’t believe traders have adopted the BTFD mindset? Check this monthly chart of “BTFD” usage in the StockTwits, Inc. community since 2010…

It’s safe to say BTFD has captured hearts and minds.

As Rodman’s one time coach once said: “If you meet the Buddha in the lane, feed him the ball.” As such, we at Trade Ideas are nothing if not accommodating and therefore we’d like to present to you, humble Trader, the best tool available anywhere to participate in this ongoing BTFD mania that shows no signs of stopping soon.

We introduce to you the BTFD Pro Alert™.

Powered by Trade Ideas technology and AI prowess, we’ve developed a scan that scours every single publicly traded North American stock — in real time — and delivers to subscribers actionable breakouts of stocks setting up for their own BTFD event — at the very moment they trigger. But we don’t just feed you any old stock. There are certain criteria, thresholds, and scenarios that have to be met in order for a stock to make the cut. And while you’re free to add your own personal tweaks to the algorithm as you see fit, I think you’ll find the following equity curve of the out-of-the-box alert pretty compelling…

But wait, there’s more! (extra Billy Mays). If you’re an Interactive Brokers customer, you can connect your Trade Ideas account to IB and have this strategy auto-traded for you!

For the rest of us mere mortals with present day manual trading capabilities, have no fear. These swing trades don’t typically require precision entries and will offer you plenty of opportunities to jump aboard a missile ride of profits that would make Little Kim envious.

Missile Envy

Are you ready to join the big leagues? Are you ready to leverage powerful technology and your very own Artificially Intelligent assistant (her name is Holly) to slay the bears and BTFD like a Boss? Good. Then your next stop is to visit Trade Ideas and sign up for a Premium subscription now to grandfather in current rates before we raise across the board in 2018. And if you need any further motivation, use promo code: CHICAGOSEAN during signup to earn 15% off an annual subscription (or your first month if you’re a tire kicker).

Once you’ve signed up, just ask us about the BTFD Pro Alert™ and we’ll feed you the ball!

~ Sean McLaughlin, @chicagosean

Originally published October 5, 2017 on medium