The Ultimate Commodity for Traders: IDEAS

October 30, 2017

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Ideas are everywhere, but ideas with EDGE are scarce. How much are statistically significant ideas worth to you?

I’ll assume that if you’re an active day trader, you’ve got at least $25K in your account. That’s the minimum our “brilliant” lawmakers insist must be in your account in order to “safely” day trade. Because, as we all know, the more money you have, the smarter and more risk responsible you are.

(/end sarcasm)

Depending on the market environment, sometimes the hardest struggles we Traders endure are those that involve finding smart ideas. When the market is dull we end up spinning our wheels (and the commissions cash register at our brokerage), and when the markets are volatile, we take on uncomfortably risky trades outside our of circle of competence. With your pile of capital, wouldn’t $157 per month seem like a reasonable price to have access to a finely curated list of actionable ideas that meet your entry criteria and most closely align with your goals?

A Top List serving up stocks making significant moves NOW.

Or ideas served to you by trading algorithms that have been backtested and optimized to perform in the current market environment, and keep you out when the odds aren’t favorable?

And wouldn’t it be valuable to the tinkerers among us to have tools to build your own custom strategies then run them through a backtesting engine to give you the confidence to move forward with your own ideas? What’s that worth?

Trading is hard. Gain your edge and build your confidence any way you can. For subscribers on premium annual subscription plans to Trade Ideas, your monthly investment in your continued and sustainable success is only $157 per month. And even less if you take advantage of any of our periodic promo codes.

What are you waiting for? Stop letting other Traders steal your potential profits. Join the Trade Ideas community and ensure that your most precious commodity — ideas with edge — continues to flow from a bottomless well.

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Best of luck!

~ Sean McLaughlin, @chicagosean