How Swing Traders Can Leverage AI into Big Wins

April 5, 2018

[originally posted December 5, 2017 on medium]

As more and more Professional traders and active retail traders are made aware of the possibilities which Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning present for elevating their process, the more they land at the doorstep of Trade Ideas which has been pioneering and leading the charge towards greater democratization of Big Data for ALL market participants — not just the quants on Goldman Sachs’ Wall Street trading desk.

Traders are looking to Trade Ideas for answers, as our AI Engine HOLLY, continues to outperform it’s S&P 500 benchmark for now 24 months running.

One common question we get is: “HOLLY’s performance looks great for intraday trading signals, but I don’t have the time to sit at my desk all day and trade. Can I use HOLLY to help me get into better swing trades which more closely align with my longer timeframe?”

The answer is an emphatic YES!

One way I’ve been instructing swing traders to leverage HOLLY for ideas is to use today’s HOLLY entries as inputs into your watchlist. Each night after the market closes, review the daily charts of HOLLY’s new trades today, identifythe charts that look promising to you, build a smart risk management plan (appropriate position size and stop loss), and then enter your trades at the open of the next trading day.

Following this simple routine would have put you in position to leverage the power of Trade Ideas to identify statistically significant edges and potentially gain large profits. Here are a few examples of swing trades entered back in September that you could still be riding:

Discover the power of the Trade Ideas Artificially Intelligent Virtual Analyst HOLLY and how she can benefit your Swing Trading strategies by visiting HERE.

~ Sean McLaughlin, @chicagosean