Introducing: @TradeIdeas HOLLY AI For Swing Traders And Institutional Market Participants

April 5, 2018

[originally published January 22, 2018 on medium]

It is with great honor that I’ve been tasked with the wonderful opportunity to showcase the power of Trade Idea’s Artificially Intelligent Virtual Analyst, HOLLY, for swing trading and position building aimed at an institutional and swing trading audience.

In the course of interacting with HOLLY daily as she kicks out tremendous Alpha for intraday traders, we’ve observed that the catalysts which trigger trade entries don’t necessarily expire at an artificial and arbitrary point in time such as the close of trading each day. More than likely, the catalysts which caught HOLLY’s attention can have lingering effects powering extended moves in stocks lasting multiple days and weeks, to as long as months without any significant retracements.

Beginning on December 1, 2017 we began tracking hand-selected trades from amongst numerous intraday trading signals generated by HOLLY that looked interesting from a swing trader or longer-term participant’s perspective, and I posted them on twitter from my personal account: @chicagosean.

We’ll be tracking these trades and those going forward (likely 1–2 new additions per week, depending on market conditions) under the following parameters:

  • All trades will be long trades
  • All stocks will have volume and float characteristics favorable to institutional participation (no penny stocks, for example)
  • Trades will be held until such time that the stock falls 20% below it’s high print since trade entry.
  • We will track maximum possible alpha available in each trade, as well as profit/loss from entry price to it’s 20% trailing stop exit.

As of today, here are the tweets announcing the trades we’ve begun tracking so far. For purposes of our entry calculations, all trades were entered at the opening print on the following trading day


And today, we announced our next trade, to be effective at the opening print of tomorrow’s trading:

Here are the above trades reflected on our current HOT LIST spreadsheet, with closing prices as of the close of trading on Monday January 22, 2018, for purposes of tracking:

To learn more about HOLLY and the Artificial Intelligence engine powered by @TradeIdeas, I invite you to click here to learn more.

We are greatly looking forward to showcasing this fantastic Alpha-delivering, idea-generating tool here in upcoming installments of this Alpha Long Swing Trade Strategy.

~ Sean McLaughlin, Sales & Training, Trade Ideas LLC (@chicagosean)

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