Mirati Therapeutics $MRTX to be added to the @TradeIdeas HOLLY Hot List Portfolio

April 5, 2018

[originally published February 20th, 2018 on medium]

Since September, HOLLY has been absolutely crushing $MRTX for swing traders. Even the one short trade entry she signaled in early January could’ve made you some quick coin if you were nimble. It cannot be denied, our AI engine has an edge in this stock and there’s no reason to believe this time will be any different.

It’s $798 million market cap is a little on the lower end of things, but it’s average daily volume near 500,000 shares per day offers most participants plenty of liquidity to easily navigate this trade. It should also be noted more than 7% of the outstanding shares are held in short positions. These short players will no doubt be feeling some serious heat if this stock retakes highs and could be just the fuel we’ll need to fire a significant move higher, quickly. As such, we’re adding $MRTX to the HOLLY Hot List Portfolio at the open of trading on Wednesday February 21, 2018.

HOLLY Hot List Portfolio Update:

The recent rally off February correction lows has been kind to the portfolio of existing positions. We had to sacrifice three positions to the market gods (AVAV, CDEV, MYL) and that sucked since all three had nice bounces. But that is the price you pay to play in the momentum game. Stops must be honored religiously because you never know when the next BIG loss is coming. And it only takes ones big loss to ruin an account. Conversely, it only takes one big winner to make up for a lot of tested patience. And sometimes that one winner can make your year! That’s what we’re on the hunt for.

Prices as of close of trading on Tuesday, February 20, 2018.

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Good luck out there!

~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)