Introducing: All Star Options!

May 9, 2018

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sean McLaughlin and I’ve been involved in financial markets as a Trader, Exchange Member, blogger, in building social communities, in podcasting, in training, and in sales for 20 years.

Some of you may already know me or have engaged with me on Twitter, Medium, or StockTwits where I go by the handle @chicagosean. Others may know me from the 7 years I spent as Director of Community at StockTwits, and a few more may know me in my role of Sales, Training, & Strategy at Trade Ideas, LLC.

Wherever you may or may not know me from, I’m happy to be teaming up with my friend J.C. Parets at to build upon his excellent and unparalleled work in providing actionable insights to the financial community.

Together, we are launching All Star Options to leverage J.C’s well known skills in separating facts reflected in price action from the ever deafening social and financial media noise, and combining it with my ability to construct simple, straightforward action plans to pounce on opportunities in the most capital efficient way — with options.

J.C. & I like K.I.S.S. around here: Keep It Simple, Smart-ass. Just like the famous rock band, we’re a little bit punk rock, a little bit irreverent, and a whole lot of no-nonsense, what-you-see-is-what-you-get consistency. We like to keep things as simple as possible. Though one might occasionally encounter scary words and phrases in All Star Options like skew or volatility curve, I promise I’ll explain them simply and carefully.

If you’re like me, you’re a big believer in options as a most powerful trading instrument. Without a need to get lost in the weeds of complexity, options offer me nearly unlimited ways to express my market opinions. Yes, options like anything else are products to be bought and sold, but it’s the way I can combine individual calls and puts into spreads where true trading magic happens. The interplay between two or more individual options contracts offers us a world of opportunity to make (or lose) money in any market environment.

Is the Market too volatile right now and does it make you too afraid to play? Odds favor being a net seller of options premium.

Is the Market too quiet and range-bound for you to profitably scalp intraday or manage short-term swing trades? This might be perfect for delta neutral credit spreads.

Looking to participate in developing trends while limiting your downside in case you’re wrong? Debit spreads and risk reversal spreads might appeal to you.

I can go on and on, the point is, options give you options.

Options all by themselves give us uncommon edges and leverage in positions that straight buys/sells in equities or futures simply cannot match. And when you combine these edges with the commonsense technical analysis that you enjoy here at, the odds of success compound in your favor.

It’s no wonder more and more active Traders are learning about options, sending options trading volumes to ever higher levels, deepening the pool of liquidity for all market participants, and in turn making it easier for all of us to benefit.

With a subscription to All Star Options, you can expect to receive two or three easily digestible premium-only reports per week that will lay out how to attack specific opportunities we’ve identified as offering asymmetrical reward-to-risk characteristics. I’m not going to bombard you with an overwhelming blizzard of options jargon and a menu of strategy choices to cause analysis paralysis, but neither will I leave you needing more.  

Whether you’re running client money and have a need for quickly gathering as many smart and easily actionable ideas as possible to better serve your customers, or if you’re a retail trader looking to learn more by doing and having access to as many smart minds as you can, a subscription to All Star Options will round the bases for you.

Step up to the plate and join us!