[Podcast] In Tune With the Markets — Meet Mike DiBari (@TradingLicks)

How do you get away?

Where do you find your zen?

What out-of-the-box activities are you involved in that might positively influence your trading decisions?

Who are you surrounding yourself with to keep you going when times get tough?

These questions and more get discussed with Options Trader Mike DiBari (@TradingLicks) on my first interview on this brand new podcast series: Trading with @chicagosean.

Mike primarily utilizes long call options to trade $SPY, while focusing on volume as the key determinant for entering and exiting trades. He’s developed his own unique indicators that give him an edge. Learn about how we went through that process.

Money quotes:

“Going short is it’s own thing.” (it is NOT simply the opposite of going long)

“Being long suits my personality.” (in both bull markets AND opportunistically in bear markets)

“The default mechanism of the stock market is to go up. If it didn’t go up, then why are we doing it?”