Podcast Interview with @MarzBonfire: “I Had a Real Taste of Fear”

June 6, 2018

There are some people you meet that are interesting. And there are others who cross your path and simply blow you away. My friend Charlie, or @MarzBonfire as he’s known on twitter, is one of these guys.

I love anyone who has an interesting viewpoint or a unique way of looking at the world. And through his lens honed in the world of fashion and design, sprinkled with a dash of Socionomics and Elliott Wave technical analysis, @MarzBonfire makes for one of the most fascinating people to follow on twitter. And his blog is even better: Mood.Report.

“I don’t call the market ‘Mr. Market’… it’s Miss Market to me.”

He humbly puts facts and trends before his opinions and attacks markets with a broader picture of the forces impacting it’s future direction — more so than most.

In one of the big discussions, we enter into his deep dive into “location independence” and exploiting legal opportunities to reduce and in some cases eliminate taxes and their negative impacts on net trading results. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in paradise. We get into his life-threatening experience on the Island of Puerto Rico when twin disasters struck in the fall of 2017.

“You coulda been a Bitcoin Millionaire, and nobody would’ve cared.”

There’s nothing like living through a disaster that gets one laser focused on only a handful of things in life that truly matter. Charlie came out the other said a better man.

We talk about all this and much, much more in this episode of the TRADING WITH @CHICAGOSEAN podcast: