Six Flags Entertainment $SIX to be Added to the @TradeIdeas HOLLY Hot List

June 12, 2018

Summer is here. And if you’re like me, the best place to spend your summer as a kid was at the “Roller Coaster Park.” That’s what I called them. And with a 4 year old at home and plans to attend our first Amusement park this summer, you can bet my Son will be dragging us to parks for many summers to come.

This is all backdrop to an absolutely stunning performance of Six Flags Entertainment $SIX over the past 9 years which saw the stock rise from under $9 to now over $70 per share, bringing the market cap to nearly $6 Billion. Wow.

Call me a bleary eyed optimist, but the stock just made new all-time highs (again) leading into Six Flag’s busy summer season and I just don’t see any reason for this incredible run to end any time soon. And $SIX caught HOLLY’s eye last week which lends credence to now being a good time to jump in, in spite of a steep incline since the beginning of June.

While buying after such a recent run up may give traders with a shorter time frame pause, we’re never worried about getting the “best” print or the best timing of entry. We’re playing for the bigger moves and aren’t concerned about nickels and dimes. Got to be in it to win it! We will be entering at today’s (June 12, 2018) opening print and will be holding this name until we see a 20% pullback from all-time highs. Size your position accordingly.

HOLLY Hot List update

Wowzers. There have been some great performers as of late. But no stock compares to the move $FIVE has had for us after a monster gap last Thursday. We are currently sitting on 45% open gains in this name — one of our biggest gainers to date (our biggest was once $SGMO up as much as 70%).

Other notable performers in the past 5 trading days not to be ignored are $PSTG (+10%), $GDS (+9%), and $TDOC (+8%). Our biggest laggard has been $HFC, it shall be forgiven as we are currently sitting on +41% gains to date even after it’s recent modest pullback.

Prices as of close of trading on Monday June 11, 2018


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Good luck out there!

~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)