[Podcast] An Idiot (me) Gets Taught A Lesson About the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

It’s no secret I’m an idiot when it comes to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Anyone who follows me on twitter knows I’m just a blabbering instigator, taunting cryptocurrency traders for no other reason than sport (they make it too easy). But the fact remains that I’m actually completely clueless about the space.

Thankfully, I have good friends who care about me, cringe at my ignorance, and let me know when to dial it back. One of those friends is one of my longest running friends (since 2nd grade!) — Raffi.

Raffi is one of the smartest people I have the pleasure of calling a great friend and he reached out to me recently (after having enough of my nonsense on twitter), to let me know that I need to be taught a few things about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and that he just so happens to have some good working knowledge in this area as a function of the work he’s doing for a couple of startups in Los Angeles.

After chatting on the phone for an hour, it hit upon me: Raffi does indeed know what he’s talking about, and I bet listeners of my podcast and my followers on Twitter could benefit from listening to his insight. So, I cut him off and said…. let’s talk again next week, but let’s record the conversation for my podcast. And here we are…

Whether you are a trader, investor, entrepreneur, or just a tech geek who likes to be in the know about all the latest gadgets, our chat has something for everyone. It is not a chat about trading cryptocurrencies, but we do talk about things that crypto traders might find interesting or useful.

Of course, since Raffi is a great, old friend of mine, we spend some time reminiscing about our youth together. So if you ever wanted to learn about a young Sean before there was ever a “Chicago” Sean, there’s something for that minor segment of my listening population as well. LOL.

The “Trading with @CHICAGOSEAN” podcast is now available on iTunes! 

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