ANNOUNCING: Trade Ideas Summit 2018 — Rise With The Machines

July 2, 2018

I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about the upcoming Trade Ideas Summit to be held in beautiful Downtown San Diego, California on Saturday, October 20th.

Why am I excited? Well, for one thing, I love getting the opportunity to meet and engage with our customers. Trade Ideas customers are some of the most active, motivated, and inspiring traders I’ve ever come across. Everyone has ideas, is building strategies to capitalize on them, and loves to discuss them. You can’t help but be re-energized when spending time with our audience. If you’re ever feeling like you’re in a trading slump, spend an afternoon with our customers and I promise you’ll have a new outlook on what’s possible.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I couldn’t be more pleased to announce that Dr. Brett Steenbarger (@steenbab) will be our Keynote Presenter, joining Brian Shannon (@alphatrends), JC Parets (@allstarcharts), Kunal Desai (@Kunal00), and Trade Ideas CEO Dan Mirkin (@tradeideas1) for a high octane lineup of insight, wisdom, experience, and inspiration.

Anyone who follows me knows I’m in awe of Dr. Brett Steenbarger and his body of work in the Trader Psychology field. I’ve devoured every one of his must-read books, and I never miss a blog post he publishes. It would be a supreme understatement for me to say that ‘Dr. S’ has had a dramatic impact on the way I view my own trading, how I assess my results, and how I stay engaged and motivated to persevere as a Trader. I feel extremely lucky to have gotten the opportunity to meet with Dr. S on several occasions now, and I’ve been privileged to see him speak at a conference a few years ago where he absolutely slayed the crowd. At the Trade Ideas Summit, Dr. Steenbarger will be discussing the intersection of Trading and Artificial Intelligence, trends he sees emerging from his unique vantage point working with some of Wall Street’s most influential firms and personalities, and how we mortal traders need to adapt to make machines part of our process.

Brian Shannonthe Godfather of VWAP Trend Analysis (a phrase I literally just coined, you’re welcome) — is a dynamo. He is one of the steadiest traders I know. He doesn’t get flustered by the markets. His positions don’t put him on tilt. And he’s not afraid to step into any situation that offers the opportunity to profit. How does he keep so cool? It all comes down to planning. He attacks the market each and every day with a plan that he doesn’t deviate from. When you’ve game planned for any scenario, the market can’t surprise you. Nothing surprises Brian.

Nobody hustles in the technical analysis field like JC Parets. His research platform All Star Charts (for which I contribute to as his Chief Options Strategist) is subscribed to by over one thousand Wall Street professionals, money managers, and serious retail traders. JC is a former Hedge Fund manager who found his stride by doing the heavy lifting of sifting through thousands of charts each week to distill the message of the markets down to easily consumable and actionable insight. If you’re a charts nerd, JC is most definitely your no-nonsense guy!

I had the pleasure of meeting Kunal Desai for the first time just recently in Orlando where he and I were both presenters at the Modern Traders Summit. He was easily the most engaging presenter of the day and I immediately knew I wanted to invite him to participate in our conference. He brought to the table fantastic examples of easy to implement trading strategies, while regaling the audience with fantastic anecdotes from his years of trading experience and educating and mentoring other aspiring traders. He captured everyone’s attention with his brutal honesty, humility, and enthusiasm. It was instantly obvious to me what makes his enormous following so loyal. I’m so excited he accepted my offer to participate. Can’t wait to hang with him again.

We expect to add more exciting presenters in the days and weeks to come. It will be a jam-packed Saturday that will have you walking away better equipped, better networked, and geeked to crush the markets.

And of course, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and greet many of the Trade Ideas personalities, educators, and employees like CEO Dan Mirkin, Managing Partner David Aferiat (@tradeideas), Jamie Hodge (@Quantbot), Steve Gomez (@todaytrader), Andy Lindloff, Scott Olson (@scottaolson), Michael Nauss (@bonpara), myself (@chicagosean), and many of the hardest working (but behind the scenes) geniuses who make the software and customer service engines you all enjoy run at full capacity.

Won’t you please save the date October 20, 2018 and consider joining us in San Diego? We’d love to have you.

You can learn more and register here.

~ @chicagosean