The Parallels of Good Business Partnerships

July 18, 2018

We’re building an ecosystem that others can build value on top of. The best ideas will no longer be from our internal use of the technology, but from others externally. ~ David Aferiat, Managing Director, Trade Ideas, LLC

While the team at Trade Ideas is certainly proud of the product we’ve built and awards we’ve won over the years, the more gratifying thing to see is Trade Ideas succeeding in providing value for our subscribers, partners, and our community as a good corporate citizen and provider of a backbone for others to build upon to create additional successes.

Let me share with you a few examples of companies and traders aligning themselves with Trade Ideas for everyone’s mutual benefit…


One of the most common questions we’re asked at Trade Ideas:

Does TI Pro (Trade Ideas’ software program) run on a mac?

The answer is YES, thanks to our partnership with Parallels.

Over the years, especially recently, we’ve been sending a ton of business to Parallels because Trade Ideas users want to use TI (a Windows-based application) on their macs! Parallels offers the most stable and simple experience for users to run Windows on their mac and therefore our TI Pro software.

In recognition of this great partnership, we’ve teamed up with the fine folks at Parallels to offer our customers the ability to purchase Parallels Desktop 13 For Mac for a discounted rate of $79.99. If you’re a serious trader with a serious crush on your mac (like me), than this investment is a drop-in-the-bucket that will pay off big time.


And speaking of good business partnerships…

SpeedTrader, in recognition of the trading success of Trade Ideas customers and the longevity and sustainability of their accounts, has partnered with us to offer their brokerage customers free subscriptions to trade ideas! That’s right! If you move your account to SpeedTrader and execute your trades through their platform, Trade Ideas customers will enjoy reduced commissions which will in effect pay for your subscriptions. This is a perfect example of sharing aligned interests where everyone — and most importantly you the customer — wins!


And enterprising customers are building great tools with Trade Ideas and starting businesses around them.

Meet Cameron Newell (@StocksThatGo) and his company Noremac Newell Trading.

Using Trade Ideas software, Cam has built and backtested several strategies that he has used to great effect in his trading. And he is offering them for sale to anyone who might be looking for strategies that have been backtested and display a positive expected value.

Cam is taking advantage of Trade Ideas cloud link sharing technology that allows anyone to store any strategies they’ve created to their own personal cloud, which allows users to access these strategies from any computer they are logged into, and more importantly, you can share these strategies with any other Trade Ideas user! Simply share your custom cloud link for each strategy with another user and he/she can easily upload that strategy or scan into their own cloud on Trade Ideas.

At the prices Cam is charging for his unique strategies and scans, one good trade derived from any one of these strategies could easily cover the cost. Check out what he’s built here.


Next, meet @DayTraderWayne from @GreatStockpix, who is a long time trader and educator:

Whenever someone asks me the question “Is Trade Ideas worth it?” my answer is always the same: Once you have your process figured out — ABSOLUTELY. I wouldn’t trade without it. In a sense, it becomes your A+ Setup trade finder. And one of the best things about it? It just works, non-stop.

In a recent blog post, Wayne highlights another great partnership our customers enjoy — this one with E*Trade. For a long time, E*Trade Pro customers have had access to some tools provided by Trade Ideas. These tools have given E*Trade customers greater confidence to execute trades and make money. This is once again a situation where both corporate partners receive value, and the end user — you the customer — ultimately benefit with greater tools at your disposal.

In turn, Wayne and his team have built a great business focused around trader education and mentorship, utilizing Trade Ideas as the key driver for trade selection.


We love nothing more than seeing our community members and partner businesses flourish with creative applications of the Trade Ideas software and data set. This is what building an ecosystem is all about.

Would you like to partner up with us or discuss ways to leverage our technology to drive your business goals? Shoot me an email and we’ll chat:

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~ @chicagosean