[Podcast] Leveraging Options Trading Ideas With Technical Analysis

July 20, 2018

This spring I joined my good friend JC Parets at All Star Charts to help him provide added value to his trading ideas for his research clients.

Together, we launched All Star Options which aims to offer actionable plans utilizing options to take advantage of trade ideas suggested by the All Star Charts team of technical analysts. So far, we’ve had great fun working together, and the response and feedback we’ve received from his clients has been tremendous.

In this podcast, I rebroadcast an episode where JC interviewed me for his show. We chat about some of our beliefs in trading, some of the useful books we’ve read and recommend, ways to find mentorship and value in social media, and some of the tools and resources that are freely available to any visitor to allstarcharts.com

This was a really fun chat and I encourage you to check it out:

Listeners of this episode are invited to try out All Star Options for 20% off — RISK FREE! Click here to subscribe.