Latest @TradeIdeas HOLLY Hot List Additions and Portfolio Update

July 23, 2018

I’ve changed direction a little bit in blogging about HOLLY Hot List additions. Most blog posts are just expanded re-iterations of the main reason I’m interested in adding a stock to our list, which I already shared on twitter.

So, I’ll be changing the format to a once-per-week update in which I’ll discuss the stocks added in the past week, what I’m seeing in each opportunity, and I’ll discuss recently leading and lagging stocks on our list, as well as any broader market themes I may or may not be detecting as I engage with the markets on a daily basis.

The list has become a powerful resource to many who are interested in leveraging Trade Ideas’ Artificial Intelligence (HOLLY) for swing trade selections. And I’ve been using the list to great effect in being a short list of stocks for me to constantly scan against for shorter term swing trade opportunities in my personal portfolio. You can too!

My personal portfolio of swing trades currently consists of positions in $KFY, $SPOT, $USAT, $ROKU, $NBIX, $OLLI, $FIVE — all of which are on the HOLLY Hot List except $SPOT. And I recently just closed a fantastic winner in $RETA (former list member). You can see all my swing trades (entries and exits) in these names #timestamped on my twitter and StockTwits feeds.

In the past week, I’ve added $ROKU, $ENR, and tomorrow I will add $WPX to the HOLLY Hot List. All of these names came on my radar as HOLLY found catalysts for entry in the past 10 trading days.

On both a weekly and monthly chart, Roku $ROKU appeared to me to be forming a cup-n-handle-ish formation. Not a classic version of one, but enough to get me interested in a relatively new issue. And with HOLLY finding catalysts in this name twice in recent weeks, that was enough to convince me.

Energizer Holdings $ENR appealed to me as HOLLY triggered an entry just below all-time highs. I like buying stocks at All-time highs — nothing but blue skies ahead. There aren’t any entrenched long-term holders looking to bail on an old position. Every long holder is making money and therefore there really isn’t any urgency by existing holders to sell the stock. That leaves nothing but buyers.

WPX Energy $WPX is a name that HOLLY has bought into twice since May and it appears to be completing a base that began forming in early May. On a weekly chart, that base appears most sideways with volume drying up. It’s like a coiled spring ready to pop. I like our odds of higher prices here.

HOLLY Hot List Update

Our biggest gainer over the past week has been $NVCR (+16%), followed by $AGLE (+7%) and $KEY (+6%). $NVCR, $HAE, $TDOC, $KFY, $ROKU, $USAT all made new highs for the list in the past week.

On the downside, we kicked out of two losers this past week: $SURF (net loss -15%) and $DCPH (-5%). Of the laggards still in the list, in the past week we are -3% in $SIX and -3% in $GNTX.

Prices as of the Close of Trading on Monday July 23, 2018


If you’d like to learn how HOLLY, the Artificially Intelligent Virtual Analyst, can improve your trading and investing results, please visit Trade Ideas.

Good luck out there!

~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)