SWING TRADERS: August 13 HOLLY Hot List Update

August 13, 2018

Since the last update on this list I’ve added $CVNA, $CURO, $SEND, and tomorrow I’ll be adding $CARB.

Overall, it’s been a good couple weeks for the stock market and many of the names on our list continue to work.

The biggest gainers over the past 10 trading days have been: $VRS (+25%) $CVNA (+21%) $WING (+18%) and $ROKU (+17%). Our biggest laggards have been $NYT (-6%) and $WPX (-5%). I like those numbers and they are consistent with bull market environments.

From the HOLLY Hot List, I currently have open positions in $TDOC and $SEND in my personal account which are performing well. This is the list that I comb through on a daily basis looking for swing trade setups.


This is a stock who’s recent high consolidation looked like it wanted to resolve higher:

So far, that gut feeling appears to be playing out as the stock bounced nicely off it’s 50-day moving average — precisely what you want to see a bullish stock do.


Similar to $CVNA above, I liked the way this stock was using it’s 50-day moving average for support.

And true to form, the stock so far is performing well since bouncing of the 50dma a few days ago.


Sendgrid is a relatively new issue that looked like it was ready to break out of it’s first major base since coming public last year.

…and I was right. The last two days have seen some bullish price action and a clean break to new all-time highs.


Carbonite is the newest name I’ll be adding to the list at tomorrow’s opening print. Stock has formed a nice base since June and is showing signs of breaking out of a “W” pattern on the daily chart.

Prices as of the close of trading on Monday Aug 13, 2018


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Good luck out there!

~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)