HOLLY Hot List Update for Swing Traders

August 28, 2018

We’re coming into the end of August, Labor Day Weekend, and the unofficial end to Summer and “Summer Trading”. I don’t know about you, but this summer’s trading didn’t at all feel dull to me. I suppose if you are a Bear you’ve had a tough go of it, but for the rest of us there has been plenty of opportunity for profitable trading.

In recent weeks, I’ve added $CONE, $PS, $ZUO, and $ARCB to the list. And as this bull market continues to rage, we haven’t seen any subtractions to the list in a while. As a reminder, I remove names from the list after they’ve suffered a 20% decline from the high print we saw while holding the stock in the list.

First up, $CONE. We had a good first few days in the name, but it now appears to be pausing and digesting it’s recent run. Still love the set up on Monthly and Weekly time frames.

Next is $PS. We had a great entry and the stock has printed either new all-time intraday highs or new all-time closing highs every day since inception. Gotta like that trend.

Then comes $ZUO which was a monster right out of the gate. It screamed as much as 20% higher from our entry price (the opening print on Aug 23rd) in just three trading days. It has since taken a well deserved breather, but is still well above the entry price.

And the newest name added to the list is $ARCB which is threatening a 12-year breakout:

It is important to note that I use this HOLLY Hot List as a shopping list for swing trades. In my personal account, I do not have positions in every one of the names on the list. Capital and time constraints prevent me from trading each name. But I do review the charts of each name regularly and try to locate good entry points for swing trades, and hop on when I can. From there, it’s all risk and position management.

HOLLY Hot List highlights

Our biggest gainers over the past two weeks have been: $PSTG (+19%) $CVNA (+17%) $OLLI (+15%) $ROKU (+14%) and $VRS (+13%).

Our only two laggards to see negative returns were: $CQP (-3%) and $SIX (-1%).

In the last two weeks, we’ve also seen new all-time highs printed in $HAE, $OLLI, $SEND, $CVNA, $NBIX, $NVCR, $VRS, $FIVE, $WING, $CARB, $ROKU, $CURO, $PSTG, $CONE, $TDOC, $ENR, $NTB, $CQP, $KFY, $FRC.

In short, it’s been a GREAT two weeks!

Prices as of the close on August 28, 2018 (only showing open trades)


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Good luck out there!

~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)