[Podcast] Jason Leavitt: Relax. You don’t have to learn EVERYthing

Strip the complexity down to its most simple parts. That’s where the real hard work begins.

Meet Jason Leavitt, a trader for nearly 20 years who brings a calm demeanor and an athlete’s dogged persistence to bear as he tackles the markets daily, both from his home in Colorado and abroad while traveling with his family.

We talk about some early inspiration in his career, the challenges of being self taught, how skills learned on the baseball diamond have transferred to his trading, and the mindset of new and experienced traders.

We also get into a hard truth that we can’t just rest on our “experience” and hope that it alone with carry us forward with its own inertia. We need to maintain proper awareness of our own limitations, the early warning signs of their appearances, and a game plan for overcoming. Otherwise, our experience gained will be for naught.

This episode is jammed packed with so much wisdom from Jason. There is something for every Trader in any stage of his/her career.

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