Trading is Lonely. Community is Everything.

January 8, 2019

Last night, we kicked off YEAR FIVE of now twice-monthly Trader Meetups in Denver & Boulder Colorado.

What I started out as a test-pilot group for what would eventually become a nationwide network of meetup groups for StockTwits members, has now become an irreplaceable routine for me to stay connected with other Traders at various checkpoints along their trading career journeys.

Twice a month I get to reconnect with Traders I’ve gotten to know over the past four years, and I get to meet new people at every gathering. We quite regularly welcome 4 or 5 first-timers every month! And being able to compare notes about what we’re observing in the markets — casually over cocktails — is so valuable to me and to everyone who engages in conversation.

I’m proud of the 6+ years I spent at StockTwits helping to build the largest online investor community in the world. Community is of the utmost importance in an endeavor that for most participants is a lonely journey. Trading is something most do by themselves. And it’s mostly a battle against ourselves. Some might think that traders are battling against other traders (or “the market,” or “the fed”, or “Goldman Sachs,” or “the PPT,” or “the robots”), but those of us who’ve been at this game for any length of time know that we are only really battling and competing against our own emotions, limitations, anxieties, and baggage. This is why it is so important to build and maintain a network of like-minded people that you can surround yourself with when times are both good and bad, and when you want to grow as a Trader by learning about new strategies, products, or risk management techniques.

Many thanks are due to StockTwits both for maintaining our Colorado Traders Meetup group, and for picking up the tab last night for our 2019 kickoff. If you’re in Colorado, you can join our meetup group here. For everyone else, head over to this link at StockTwits to learn about their other meetup groups around the country.