[Podcast] Kunal Desai: Corralling a Gunslinger Trader & Energetic Internet Entrepreneur

January 14, 2019

Upon meeting Kunal Desai in person, one is immediately struck by his infectious level of energy.

And once you take that all in, you realize Kunal is an extremely motivated and driven individual in pursuit of his goals. If a little bit of that does not rub off on you, you might need to check your pulse.

Inspired by his Dad’s interest in the stock market in the 90’s, Kunal spent much of his free time in college learning how to become a Trader, losing money as most do when learning the ropes. But the experience only deepened his hunger to succeed. He saw Trading as a way to avoid the corporate cubicle rat race and he was determined to avoid that death sentence.

But it wasn’t until a chance online encounter with another trader and poker player, which led to an important mentorship, that Kunal’s trading career trajectory really began to take off.

Fast forward to today, Kunal has built an online business serving to guide newbie traders through the gauntlet of pitfalls that beset every wannabe trader on their path to trading proficiency. It’s Kunal’s way of giving back to Traders what was given to him.

In this podcast, we start from the beginning of Kunal’s trading journey and follow the steps that harnessed his energy into becoming the Trader he his today, and we discuss the scaling of a small business into one with significant revenues — and all the challenges and highs and lows incumbent in such an undertaking.

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