A Good Trader Does Not Need Validation

March 11, 2019

Through a common friend, I am grateful to have received an autographed copy of Market Wizard Linda Bradford Raschke’s new book “Trading Sardines.” I’ve been tearing through it this evening and this common sense quote on page 93 floored me:

A good trader does not need validation. Does it matter if your win-loss ratio is 35% or 90%? No. The only thing that matters is, can you pay your bills, send your kids to college, live debt free, and sock money money away for vacations and retirement with your trading profits. Oh, and have some semblance of a life.

Simple. But there’s so much truth and power in this passage. Let it sink in.

So far, 93 pages in and I don’t think I’ll be putting this book down until I’m done. Fantastic read so far.