My Trading Tao Te Ching, part 7.

The Tao is infinite, eternal.

Why is it eternal?

It was never born;

thus is can never die.

Why is it infinite?

It has no desires for itself;

thus it is present for all beings.

The Master stays behind;

that is why she is ahead.

She is detached from all things;

that is why she is one with them.

Because she has let go of herself,

she is perfectly fulfilled.


— from Tao Te Ching by Stephen Mitchell

Unless I detach myself from the daily and intraday movements of the market, I’ll get lost in the weeds. It’s so important for me to step away from each tick of price action to get a broader view of what’s happening. To observe the sea change that is taking place.

Being so invested in every price change triggers my emotions, my anxieties, my greed, and my fear. And being triggered results in over-aggressive trading and churn.

It’s ok to miss “the perfect” entry. There is no such thing, really.

I need to focus on being an Observer of price action, not a Combatant against ticks. After all, it’s my mind that wins, not my brute force.

If I “miss” a trade, in reality that simply means I’ve left a door open for a new, possibly better opportunity. Each action I take results in a new scenario with new opportunities. I am neither ahead of the game nor behind it. I am the game. The game is me.