Trade Ideas Customers Are Earning Some Serious Side Cash

July 24, 2019

In a recent month, the Top Five Affiliates in the Trade Ideas Referral Partner Program hauled in a combined $47,829 — in one month.

That is an average per affiliate of $9,565 — with the highest paid affiliate earning $16,325. Again, these are ONE MONTH totals.

Not a bad chunk of change to add to your monthly trading profits, no?

If you have an audience, either on twitter, facebook, youtube, newsletter, email list, or TV, you have the potential to earn serious side cash for very little additional effort on your part.

While it is not a requirement to be a Trade Ideas customer to participate in our Referral Partner Program, it certainly helps. One common characteristic of the Top Five Affiliates is that they all use Trade Ideas daily as part of their trading workflow. Each uses TI in different ways, but without a doubt TI is an indispensable part of their alpha generating processes. And for good reason — it works.

Trade Ideas shares up to 35% of subscription fees with Referral Partners. And a great feature of the Referral Partner Program is you continue to get paid on each customer you bring to us for as long as they continue their subscription uninterrupted. Essentially, you get paid on every monthly subscriber, every month, for the life of their account. Of course, you’re also paid the same commission rate on Annual subscriptions as well — a nice one time payout that you’ll continue to earn yearly renewals on each year when the customer renews.

Even if you only have a small circle of trading buddies you engage with regularly, or maybe you work in a prop trading shop, the potential to earn commission on people you turn on to Trade Ideas can at the very least throw a few hundred bucks into your pocket every month. No brainer, right?

Trading is hard. Making trading profits is even harder. Supplement your income and take off your financial pressure by joining the Trade Ideas Referral Partner program. You can learn more and sign up here.

~ @chicagosean