The Oldest and Truest Path to Achievement 

June 15, 2020

Whatever goal you give to your subconscious mind, it will work night and day to achieve.

~ Jack Canfield, The Success Principles

Recently, my 5-year old Son had been complaining of “scary dreams.” It was making him afraid to go to bed. Of course, it could’ve been more of a stalling tactic by a child that simply wants to stay up and play forever, but I suspect there may have been a small element of truth to his claims.

So at bed time, one thing I’ve attempted to make a nightly occurrence is to spend a couple minutes having him say three things he’s grateful or thankful for, and at least one thing he’s looking forward to or excited about. My thinking being that if I can get him aimed at positive thoughts before he heads off to dreamland, then maybe these thoughts will work their way into his brain when the dream engine turns on.

It seems to be working. At least for now.

This little mini-experiment of mine has given me confidence in my own attempts at positive brain stimulation. In recent months I’ve started to make myself more aware of the power of my own thoughts and the power of positive thinking. I’ve made concerted attempts on focusing more on “what’s good?” and less and less on what’s “not good.”

Sure, there’s plenty of “not good” going on in the world right now. And just like many of you, it breaks my heart and frustrates me to no end. There are some things I can control and I do my best to effect positive change within my sphere of influence. But many things I cannot control. It is those things that I try to think less and less about.

When I can focus on areas where I can make a difference, have success, positively influence, or offer useful guidance, everyone around me benefits.

When I set goals or targets or just maintain a mental or written “wish list” of things I want to do, have, or achieve, it is sometimes astonishing how much more quickly my wishes manifest in real life. This doesn’t mean I just sit back and wait for the world to hand me the things I’m jonesing for. NO. It means that by focusing and aiming my sights towards my targets, I’m more likely to hit them. Novel concept, eh?

And all the work and effort in these directions has a mental compounding effect that keeps my subconscious mind working on solutions and new pathways and opening doors of understanding that lead to the occasional “epiphany moment” that I referred to earlier in a post last week.

Focusing on what I want and making goals for incremental steps in those directions is the oldest and truest path to achievement.