“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

~ Rod Boothroyd, in Warrior, Magician, Lover, King

In front of numerous witnesses, what causes a man — in broad daylight — to lose control of his truck, jump a curb, cross a lawn, hop over a flower bed, crash into a house, and then back his truck out and take off?

This is a question my family and neighbors are grappling with this morning in the aftermath of the above scenario which took place while we were pleasantly enjoying a quiet dinner.


Our entire house shook. It sounded like a bomb or explosion of some kind took place across the street. We immediately got up from our dinner table and hurried to the front door. As I walked down the front steps looking across the street for clues as to what caused the sound, I was very much surprised when I looked to my left and saw a white Dodge pickup truck a third of the way through the wall of our attached garage!

Meanwhile, while I was attempting to wrap my head around what was happening while simultaneously yelling at the driver of the truck to “Stop Moving!”, my curious Son and Dog had scurried into the garage via the inside door to investigate what was happening. My wife, understandably so, was screaming at them to get back in the house as this situation was still unfolding. The truck eventually freed itself from the siding of the house, backed out, and then further shocking — just left. No words. Nothing. Just drove off down the street while me and my neighbors all watched.

Thankfully, one of my alert neighbors across the street was snapping pictures on his phone all along and got a clear shot of his license plate and the police now know who he is and where he lives. Hopefully, they’ve caught him by now.

The good news is, nobody here was hurt. A little bit shaken, but not hurt. If anything, we feel incredibly loved by the rallying of our neighbors who all came out, shared what they saw with the police investigators, helped us clean up the mess, install some tarps over the hole in our wall, and repair our garage door so that at least we could close it safely for the night.

Our neighbors are amazing.

The thing I’m left thinking about now is, what would cause a man to just flee the scene like that?

Was he drunk or stoned? I suspect he was. He didn’t seem very communicative when I was trying to urge him to stop.

Was he scared? Scared of what? Of what he had done? That’s certainly understandable. Did he have something to hide in his truck? Is he running from his past?

Channeling the quote above, everything that irritates me or bothers me or annoys me about other people is always really just a reflection on my own insecurities about myself.

What am I scared of? What have I done that I’m ashamed of? What am I hiding in the deep recesses of my subconscious? What am I running away from?

What do I need to heal within myself so that I can have a better understanding of others?





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