Questions Worth Meditating On

“Get your mind off distractions and onto your one thing. One hundred percent of your potential looks like an obsession. But it will awaken the Silent Power that exists in the garden and works behind the scenes to make the plants grow.”

~ John Soforic, The Wealthy Gardener

“Focus!” is one thing I utter to my Son all the time.

Whether it’s finishing his dinner, getting his shoes on, brushing his teeth, picking up his toys, or any of a hundred other mundane tasks, his mind takes him into something else mid-task and then the simplest things become the hardest things to complete.

On the one hand, my child is fully present. He’s living in the now. And all he cares about is what he’s doing now and whatever distracts him into the next thing. This is wonderful and we adults should all be so lucky to have this innate ability to be present.

On the other hand, his distractibility is a constant reminder to me that I too need to focus on what’s most important.

I’ll only achieve in the direction of my focus. And if I have no focus, what’s the end the result? (hint: it’s not what I wanted).

If I can focus on my goals — with the end in mind — I can channel all of my mental, emotional, & physical energies into a tidal wave of powerful possibilities that can yield much needed and desired results.

What am I doing to ensure I have time to be focused? What can I cut out of my days or weeks to make more time to focus? What can I do more of? How can I make my focused time for fruitful? How can I access my subconscious for the clues to the solutions to whatever challenge is currently vexing me?

These are questions worth meditating on.