Every Day in Every Way in the Right Direction

Take every opportunity to move life a little bit in the direction you want it to go. Do what you can, again and again, and you’ll find yourself doing a lot more good than you ever could have imagined.

~ Ralph Marston, Do What You Can

Best Practices, no matter how slight, accrue like compound interest over time.

The challenge is getting to the “over time” part. One of my greatest weaknesses as a trader, as a man, as a husband, as a father, and as a human is a lack of patience. I dream up an ending/goal/ideal and then regardless of the amount of steps necessary to achieve it, I get it in my mind that I should have it NOW and anything less is extremely unsatisfying.

In effect, I destroy the experience before it even started. I never even gave it a shot. Instead of allowing myself to get lost in the journey to achievement, I wallow in the depths of not having the thing I never had in the first place. For some warped reason I believe I am the rightful owner and I have been wronged by some invisible, unnamable force that it spiting my very existence and preventing me ascending to my throne.

This process repeats itself over and over for me in trading strategy design. I come up with a kernel of an idea or a new twist on an existing process. It gets me excited, energized, optimistic! I then start extrapolating short term wins into long term gains. I start imagining all the money I’ll be swimming in. And then I start looking around and noticing I’m not there yet. Then my lack of patience appears. Then frustration sets in. Then mistakes happen. Then I’m back to square one.

As a father, I get all charged up about being the best dad I can while also setting boundaries so that me and my wife can also have some alone time together and keep our sanity. Whether it’s about dinner or baths or bedtimes, we are always trying to bargain with our Son to get him to do the things that we believe are right for him and for us, while also trying to balance it in such a way that he sees the benefits and can champion this ideas. But then at the slightest hint of insurrection, all of our best-laid plans fly out the window and I fear that we end up coddling him — all in the service of expediency to keeping the peace. And nobody benefits long term.

It’s all bullshit.

I’ve just got to do what I can. Every day in every way, no matter how slight or seemingly insignificant. As long as it’s the right thing to do, in the direction I’d like to be headed. In trading, in fatherhood, in life.