The Ultimate Momentum Play

You have an obligation to develop a positive attitude, one that inspires the people around you to achieve the impossible.

~ Lou Holtz, Winning Every Day

Seems like positivity is in short supply right now. Virus, unemployment, social unrest, politics, the economy — feels to me people are more quick than usual to snap to negative outlooks.

All of those reasons, and more, are certainly bad situations and are causing hardships for many. There is no minimizing that.

But the only way I know to get to the other side of whatever troubles me is to think positively about what awaits me on the other side of the mountain.

This too shall pass. Whatever “this” is.

It cuts me deep whenever I find myself wallowing in negativity — which happens more than I care to admit. And it cuts me even worse when somebody else (my family, my friends, my coworkers) points it out to me. I always feel worse about that, and then of course that makes me feel negative about myself and then a vicious circle forms. Ugh.

I always trade best when I’m in high spirits. I always teach best when it comes from a place of enthusiasm. I always sell best when my excitement bleeds through the phone or email. I always laugh most when I’m in a positive state. I make healthier exercise and food choices when I’m upbeat. And my positivity — everyone’s positivity — is contagious. When I give it out, it comes back to me 10-fold.

The math is simple. Be more positive and offer more positivity to others, and we’ll all find ourselves surrounded by like minds headed in the right direction towards goals and destinations worthy of being excited about. It’s all self-reinforcing. It’s the ultimate momentum play.