What Makes Me Stand Tall

July 14, 2020

The only things that can ever have value to you are the things you’ve invested yourself in. Each setback is an opportunity to invest more, and to enlarge the size of your eventual reward.

~ Ralph Marston

This is what has always driven me in trading. The ability to build something successful and to be able to point to it, proudly, and say: “I did that!” Not in a boastful way, but in a way that shows that the long years of toil and struggle paid off into something profound, important, and useful. That the hard times were worth it.

I’m sure this is a common characteristic of all entrepreneurs who start businesses large and small. Yes, there is a profit motive, of course. But it goes way beyond that. It’s the drive to set goals, endure setbacks, overcome obstacles, and to see it through to the other side. To see the dream realized. There’s a thrill in the journey to reach this point which is hard to describe. Of course, there’s money to be made for those who execute on their plans and enjoy a little bit of luck (there’s always luck involved, don’t let anybody tell you differently). But the money is rarely the biggest reward.

As I continually evolve as a trader and constantly tinker with strategies for making money, it pays to remind myself that I’m already winning. I’m winning because I get to toil and struggle and sweat while attempting to do something and achieve something that I enjoy. Yes, I trade to make money, but the mental stimulation and the satisfactions I derive when well laid plans succeed (often with a little bit of luck) does more to improve my posture and effect a confident stride than anything money might buy.