Alright, alright, alright!!

I think Matthew McConaughey might be my Spirit Animal? 

It’s hard to even contemplate that sentence. 

I was left in a trance after listening to his recent guest appearance on the Tim Ferris podcast and then I sought out more by listening to his appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast. I’m captivated.

There are two things of note (among many other things) that I’d like to explore here quickly: 

One, McConaughey mentioned a book that changed his life, called The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. Intrigued – and because I’m a book nerd – I immediately purchased the kindle version and consumed the entire book in one evening. It’s a short read.

As the title implies, it’s geared towards people who work in sales. But the life lessons are universal and as a Trader I found there are a lot of correlations between what will work for people in sales and people who are trying to pull money from the markets. In many riffs in the book, you could substitute the word “sales” or “selling” with “trading” and it would completely hit home for you. 

I’m not promising the same life-changing results McConaughey mentioned, but the book (and the exercises it promotes) have value for what we do here and I’m eagerly looking forward to each day and lesson that it provides. 

(Warning: it has a little bit of religion in it. I’m not a religious person and that kinda stuff often rubs me the wrong way, so I’m just passing this info along to you)

Second, McConaughey explores a concept of “Forced Winter.” This is an exercise in practiced hardship that steels our mental and physical muscles to prepare ourselves for the real struggles that always lie ahead. 

Forced or not, Traders can certainly relate to tough times when trades, weeks, or months don’t go as we planned or envisioned.

I’m paying more attention to my diet, exercise, and mindset as we’re heading into a somewhat “forced” winter. What are you doing to prepare yourself for whatever the market or life throws at you?