New Year, New Look, New Toys

My website has been sadly neglected over the past year or so.

No more.

With thanks to my super talented wife, she found a way to completely refresh the look of this website. I’m long on simplicity, short on noise.

It’s still a work-in-process, but hopefully things will be easier for everyone to find and navigate.

In the meantime, I’m experimenting with a new options strategy with a small account using SPY options spreads. This too is a work-in-process, but one I think everyone who engages can benefit from.

Trading can be a lonely endeavor — especially to those of us working from home in this quarantine world. My selfish hope in creating frequent youtube videos of my trading with this strategy is that it will solicit constructive feedback from viewers to help make the strategy better. And in so doing, we’ll all benefit together by learning a new weapon to employ in our daily grind to extract profits from Mother Market.

Here is the “About” section from my new youtube channel which I think sums up the goals pretty well:

People are attracted to Trading because they want to get rich quick. It looks so easy. It’s sexy. It sells.

It’s not realistic.

I’m endeavoring to reframe the goal of trading. I’m not selling a lifestyle. I’m not thinking of quitting my day jobs to become a trading millionaire. What I am attempting to accomplish is to create a community of likeminded individuals who might learn along with me as I explore new ways to supplement my existing incomes in the options market.

The live trading I’ll be engaged with here is not about making a million dollars. It’s not about swinging for the fences. This is about building a repeatable process safely. It’s about compounding small wins over time. It’s not about getting rich quick. Or even getting rich at all. Maybe it’s just for an extra $1,000 of spending money per month to blow on nice dinners for my family?

Sound good?

If this is something you can get behind, check out my first video (I promise this video novice will get better!) and please subscribe to the channel. The sooner I grow my subscriber account, the sooner I can get a real URL like: which will make it easier for everyone to find.