Working Out The Kinks

While continuing to think through my $SPY options strategy (which is hard enough), I clearly still need to get better at making videos! LOL

The first video I shot today had no volume. Recorded the entire thing, but forgot to plug my mic in. Doh!

The second video seemed well enough. Made my edits and posted it to youtube. It was after I posted that I noticed that for some reason my video isn’t always taking up the full screen?! Annoying, but I can live with that one. I already know what is wrong and can fix for the next video.

Later on, a commenter mentioned he enjoyed the first minute where I “showed how the sausage is made.” Huh? I then went back and noticed that the first minute of the video where I’m setting things up was still in the video. I had edited that part out, but I guess I uploaded the wrong file to youtube.

So, now live on youtube is Take 3. Properly edited, but still with some weird screen sizing.

As if trading wasn’t hard enough!

The afternoon rally in stocks today sucked premium out of my position and I ended the day down around $250, with a total external value at risk of around $1500 (the most I can lose at this price level if SPY were to simply stop trading and I lost all my long premiums).

I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll just start buying long options 30 days out instead of “working my way there” as I discussed in this video. The further out in time I go, the less the theta drag (initially).

These videos are me, no script, thinking through my next moves live on camera. Thanks for coming along.