Does Technical Analysis Work with House Prices?

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The trader in me is making it hard to buy a house.

I’m looking to buy in the Denver/Boulder metro area here in Colorado, and it’s been exhausting. While I respect trends and like to buy stocks in uptrends, the technical analysis says home prices are so extended right here. It feels like chasing a hot biotech stock…

I know, I know… a home is about more than dollars and cents. And if I plan on living there for a long time (I do) then it shouldn’t matter, just pull the trigger.

But the trader in me won’t let me pay these prices or compete in insanity-inducing bidding wars.

While my trader sensibilities serve me well in many other areas of my life, it feels like they might be hurting me here.

Can anyone else relate? Let me know what you did.

Back to the markets — we covered our short $GLD February strangle today at our profit target. We only had to hold it for 10 days. Nice!

If only I could short an overpriced home, move in to it now, and cover my short later like this GLD trade. Wouldn’t that be grand?


And here’s the latest with my SPY options cashflow strategy experimentation: