I began my career in 1998 at a Proprietary trading firm in Tampa, Florida. In my first four years I was engaged in intraday scalping — primarily NASDAQ stocks — during the final blowoff top of the “dot com bubble” and subsequent tech & internet stocks crash. It was a trial by fire as the stock markets experienced a level of consistent volatility that had previously been unseen, and hasn’t been matched since. I’ve spent the remainder of my now 20 year trading career unlearning all of the bad habits I acquired during those first four formative years.

In 2002, I began exploring the futures markets, which prompted me to launch a small hedge fund with a handful of investors to execute a trend-following strategy in commodities and financial futures. And this led me to becoming a Member of the Chicago Board of Trade. Sadly, the largest of my fund’s investors decided to walk away with his 58% returns (net of fees) after only 18 months in business, thusly necessitating the close of this promising fund.

After the close of the fund, I took advantage of my exchange membership to try my hand at trading electronic mini-dow futures from a booth on the upper rim of the big Dow Futures pit on the floor of the CBOT. While it was an exciting daily endeavor to step on the floor and be part of the heart of the action, it was a short-lived dalliance. I couldn’t find an edge.

This led to my focus on learning about and building options strategies which began around 2007. I was greatly attracted to the ability to express my market and stocks direction opinions in defined-risk “bets” with advantageous leverage opportunities. I have been primarily engaged in equity options trading ever since.

In late 2010, I joined StockTwits—the world’s largest social platform for finance—and became Director of Community where I was a key player in 10x-ing the growth of the community, where I also produced and hosted a popular Trader podcast that interviewed 40 of the biggest names and successes in the trader/social media space, and created and oversaw a network of 35 trader meetup groups in cities around the U.S. & Canada.


In 2017, I left StockTwits and later joined my friends at Trade Ideas, LLC where I continue in a Sales, Training, and Market Strategy capacity. Trade Ideas is an absolutely indispensable tool for active traders and active investors. They are the first and only provider of AI-powered machine-learning tools in a SAAS model for Retail and Institutional subscribers, and the proof of value can be seen in hockey-stick subscriber growth and user retention.

In 2018, my friend J.C. Parets was looking to build an extension to his All Star Charts Institutional Research business to satisfy a growing need expressed by his clients for ways to use options to trade off of his research ideas. I accepted the challenge to help him provide this added value to his subscriber base and today publish multiple weekly subscriber-only research pieces to tackle market opportunities more creatively using options as the Chief Options Strategist for All Star Charts.

With Trade Ideas, the All Star Options service, my podcasting, and twice-monthly Trader meetups which I host in the Denver/Boulder metro area, I’m committed to educating fellow Traders about the tools I believe in, building a supportive community, and sharing my perspectives in audio and article form to help active Traders be the best they can be. I’d like to show you that you aren’t alone and I’d like to help—if only a little bit—to shorten your learning curve by steering you away from common pitfalls which tripped me up, and continue to stymie Traders today. And if I can point you in the direction of tools and mentors to put you on the right path, then I’ve accomplished something good. It’s a support system I wish I had when I started in 1998.

Today, I live in a small mountain town near Boulder, Colorado with my wife of 17 years and 4 year old son, always in search of a great trail to hike.


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  • There are three things I consider when I endorse someone: 1) Do I believe they are honest? 2) Do I believe they are a true expert in their field? 3) Is this person humble? I have known Sean for 10+ years and I can answer “yes” to all three of these questions. Sean is a natural leader, sharer of knowledge, lifelong market learner, and a man of integrity. I fully support any work he does.

    Brian Shannon, @alphatrends

    Chartered Market Technician, Stock Market Trader, Author of Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes

  • I first found Sean as a knowledgeable blogger on Twitter. His expertise in trading options was obvious from his blogs. When I first met Sean in person at a StockTwits conference in San Diego my suspicions were confirmed. Sean is a good egg and the real deal when it comes to markets and trading. It was only a natural fit to court Sean into joining Trade Ideas where we now work side-by-side helping traders everyday.

    Steve Gomez, @todaytrader

    Market Strategy, Sales & Training, Trade Ideas, LLC

  • I worked with Sean for 5 years helping to build and support a growing StockTwits community. Sean has years of experience in financial markets, and he knows what traders need to be successful. He’s seen it all, and his wisdom about options trading in unparalleled.

    Stefan Cheplick, @scheplick

    Digital Marketing, StockTwits