[Podcast] The Workhorse: Scott Redler

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Meet the Red Dog, Scott Redler (@RedDogT3 on twitter), Chief Strategist at T3 — a proprietary trading firm in New York City. Scott credits childhood stints as a dancer, MC, wrestler, and lacrosse player for providing the building blocks that taught him how to think quickly on his feet. And these skills translated into the […]

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The Hunter Becomes the Risk Manager

All we can ask for as Traders is to have the best weapons at our disposal in order to tackle the markets. And these weapons become worth their weight in gold if they help identify trades with significant edge while minimizing or fully eliminating the chance for human error to get in the way and […]

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[Podcast] Don Hensley: Be UNcommon

The Paradox of Successful Trading™ (a phrase I coined) describes the frustrating truth that there are only a handful of ways that most traders lose, while there is a seemingly infinite amount of ways to succeed… yet so many fail. Why? Don Hensley from Speedtrader posits that the issue is rooted in the fact that […]

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